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This Guy Loves Battlestar Galactica; And So Do I!!

I saw this on a few sites today. I love this! It’ll get stuck in your head. I think I need to collaborate with this guy!


BSG Finale

It took me three days to write this and a hell of a lot of, “please sweety Daddy needs to work”s but it’s here. Though you may be wondering, was it worth the trouble?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Well, I figured it was about time to post my thoughts about the Battlestar Galactica series finale. I won’t go into to much detail because I’m sure you’ve all been reading these non-stop for almost two weeks now, so I’ll just tell you my story of watching it and my thoughts about how it went.

As is tradition for me I made sure I had a few brew’s for the show. Three 32 oz bottles of Bud Ice, one for each hour of the three part finale (I had to watch all three together so it would feel like a movie!). Hey I’m unemployed and I live with my parents, don’t judge me! I waited till the whole house was in bed, fast asleep. I pulled a chair directly in front of the TV. Pushed play. In three hours my face would be soaked with tears.

The first part of the three hours, as you all know, was shown the week before. It set up the final confrontation between the humans and the Cylons. It was good stuff, yes? Adama and Starbuck dividing the hanger deck with red tape. Dying Roslin being helped across the line. Classic Alamo. I love Baltar’s inner pull to the other side of the tape.

The second hour was some of the most intense shit I’ve seen in a long time. They moved the story into the action really fast. I love how Baltar (I think in the end he was my favorite character) simply hands the box over and tells Paulla that his followers are hers now. He made a choice that changed his character. A choice that he has been searching for since Caprica. That’s what great storytelling and character development is all about, making choices. He made a choice to stay not for him self but because he was needed there on some level he couldn’t explain. You can see it in how James Callis plays the hesitation when Baltar is looking around the hangar deck. The inner conflict is written on his face.

Next we have the jump directly in front of the colony. Insane! Guns blazing! Explosions everywhere! Raptors jumping from inside the ship! And then ramming the fracking ship into the fracking colony! That’s fracking action man!

I love the way Boomer goes out. You know she had to go, but hey man, I remember when she was one of the good guys. Yeah her character became nothing more than a play thing for Cavil but I’m glad they gave her some dignity in the end. I like the flash back showing that she made good on her word to Adama.

Back on the ship.

The Caprica Six and Baltar story was great. I really dug how they both could see each others “imaginary friend”. That was a great moment for me. From the very beginning I wanted them to be some kind of spiritual messengers and I was right.

I really liked how we get to see what the opera house dreams were all about. The way they inter-cut the footage of the dream with the reality on the ship was perfect. Especially when Baltar and Six enter the bridge. The Final Five watching over them from above was cool, and a little creepy. That slo-mo shot of the Number 4 spurting blood from his neck and Adama kicking his legs out from under him was the ballz!

Batlar’s speech: good. “I see angels.”

Cavil makes deal: too convenient, but necessary.

Final Five sharing thoughts: awesome!

I like how they all dip their hands in to the “milk” and share their minds. Tory cracked me up when she was scared about what the others would see. Galen’s face when he sees her kill his wife is priceless. And then the Mo-Fo snaps her neck with his bare hands! Awesome use of Cylon strength.

Oh! And when the shit hits the fan and Cavil yells “FRAK!” and shoves the gun in his mouth and blows the back of his head out I fraking almost woke the whole house! I’ve never seen a more fitting and just end for a character. I rewound that part several times.

Starbuck using the Final Five’s song as jump coordinates not unpredictable but very cool.

The Third Part:

Now apparently this is the half of the show that fans had a problem with. All I have to say to them is: Shut the frak up! You whinny little bitches! I watch a LOT of TV. It’s my “job” I’m a writer (OK fine I don’t actually get paid for it and I do it from my mom’s house but come on let a guy have his fantasies!). Aside from The Shield I’ve never seen a show that has had a finale that has perfectly ended the story (though I don’t think even this one could top The Shield’s). Each character gets a conclusion that fits their personal  arch. I would have to say my favorites are… well, all of them actually.

The concept of the humans and Cylons landing on primitive earth is great. What really struck me was how the survivors ponder the question of how they could travel billions of light years to find another group of humanoids who evolved naturally and are genetically “compatible” with them. It fits into the whole “Hand of God” concept of the series. (by the way I love Baltar’s explanation of God as a force of nature) it makes sense that for the cycle of Human-Cylon birth and destruction to ever end they would need to come together and to introduce a third, neutral, element, our ancestors. I love that Colonials, Cylons, and Earthlings, merged and created us.

The jump to our time was poetic. Baltar and Six, the angels walking amongst us, exlpained the end wonderfully. Baltar looks at our modern world, evolving into a similar technological situation as the Colonials. But Angel-Six had a point. The story of the Cycle is in our DNA. We will avoid what happens before because our mitochondrial memory will warn us and save us. Or some shit like that.

And the final and best part: Jimmi Frakin’ Hendrix!

I loved this show. From the mini-series through to the final Moor-Eick cartoon after the credits. I’ve seen every episode. I have sat in front of my TV screen with empty beer bottles all around me and tears running down my face. I have uttered the words, “best writing on TV,” and “best fraking show on TV,” countless times. I have vowed to get my first TV gig writing for this show (I guess I’ll have to go for Caprica). And most of all I have learned more about writing from this show than I have in 8 years of film studies. I love this show and am sad that there will never be another like it. Until I make one of course, and I promise you all I will.

“What do you hear?”

“Nothin but the rain”

“Grab your gun and bring in the cat”

So say we all!

Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

I got up Sunday morning had breakfast at about 1:20pm. Attempted to clean our room (Harmony and I share a room), which means I pushed everything into a big pile in the middle of the room. I came out of the room to check on Harmony, make sure her cousins weren’t torturing her, or her them, and Darth Mom tells the kids to get ready to go to the movies.

Room forgotten, I ran up to Darth Mom and asked (like the giddy almost-thirty-year-old-who-lives-with-his-parents that I am [sob]) if we can go to the comic book store too. I had a twenty burning a hole in my pocket! Also I still hadn’t gotten the 3rd Star Trek Countdown issue (and still haven’t, the valley sucks).

Me: “Oh, by the way Darth Mom, what are we gonna see?”

Darth Mom: “Monsters vs. Aliens”

Me, jumping and clapping for joy: “this is the best day ever!”

Comic shop:
Ender’s Game #1-4 almost got Chucky #1 but hey, twenty bucks remember?

Dairy Queen:
Marshmallow Shake! (Mmmmmm)


After getting my geek on and discovering a new comic shop (right next to the movie theater! Geekgasim!), I sat in the theater unloading many pounds of smuggled candy from my jacket pockets. The previews came on and I was pleasantly surprised with a good selection of trailers: where the Wild Things Are, Battle for Terra, A kick ass new Star Trek trailer, Disney’s Earth, and some others I’m sure but my geek mind only had enough juice for these.

The now for the review:

It kicked fucking ass!

It was a total geek flick. Lots of nods to Sci Fi flicks of old. The US Prez, played by Stephen Colbert, greets the alien “visitors” with a keyboard. He attempts to play that tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, failing that he goes with the next best thing, the theme from Beverly Hills Cop.

The film has lots of references that geeks will appreciate, from Stat Trek (“we have a code Nimoy!”) to Stephen Hawking (“By Hawking’s Chair!”).

The cast is filled with recognizable stars, Resse Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Kiefer Sutherland, the dude from House (Hugh Laurie), Seth Rogan, Rainn Wilson, and Will Arnett. The voice work is great all around with exceptional work done by Sutherland as the military general, Rogan as the blob Bob and Wilson as the evil alien Gallaxhar.

On a personal note I was totally stoked that a prominent location in the movie is Modesto California. I live not too far away from Modesto. In fact the town that I live in is so small that we spend most of our time in Modesto. The only complaint I have though is that they didn’t really make it look like Modesto. I guess that could be because they didn’t want to make it look leik the meth Capitol that it is. Not a good image for a kids movie. But they did get the feel and look of the outlands of the area and the hills on the horizon looked just like they do.  I see that stuff every time I go outside.

The action is good but the story not so muchbut that’s ok they do a good job with the characters.

I could go on and on about the cool stuff in this movie but instead I’ll just tell you to go see it for your self.

All Hail Gallaxhar!

p.s. I’d do Ginormica, how bout you?

New Star Trek Poster!!!

Yesterday I read some stuff about new international Star Trek posters. I think they looked cool. Today we get a supposed “official”  US release of the  first Star Trek poster! I haven’t been able to confirm that this is official, but it looks like it. Also, below it I put up the European posters as well. Tell me what you think in the comments section.

I like it! It says Star Trek, but it aslo says Bad Ass Mother Fucker’s! Looks like a movie the masses would see.

Looks cool. I like the Enterprise under construction and Kirk on the bike. Gives it the feel of a new beginning.

This ones one of my favorites, I think it’s from Italy. I like that its Earth bound and familiar. Also it has a disaster pic feel, which is sure to bring in an audience!

I like the abstraction of this one.

OK. Nothin’ too special.

Well I hope you like these. I’m hopeful that these will bring in a large audience because that’s what we need if Star Trek is going to get more movies or eventually a TV show. If this movie tanks I’m sure it will be the last we see of Star Trek for a long, long time. Fortunately I think it will kick ass and make a shit load of money!

Please leave your thoughts in the coment section.


Due to a wee bit of the old drinkn’ that I indulged in at an early St. Patty’s Day party at the local pub I haven’t posted any geek news for a while. Hey when I do it up I REALLY do it up. Also I’ve been working on editing two short films for the last few days on top of dealing with my post-drinking shame and depression which you can find out all about in a piece I’ll be writing on my other blog, Brain Vomit Daily. Since I don’t want to loose my non-existent readers I decided to do a recap of all the news that I have been wanting to write about but hadn’t gotten around to doing. Here follows a rapid fire recap of the latest geek news:

Hitchhiking the Galaxy Again:

Eoin Colfer, author of the Artimus Fowl novels, is set to pen the latest sequel to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

First Images of The Goon:

The Goon

The Goon

Don’t know much about this comic but it sounds cool; A zombie gang led by a zombie preacher! I’m in, and David Fincher is producing! Suuweeet!

Ron Silver Passes Away:

Though the man probably deserves a much better notice of his passing than what I have here, let me just say I’ll try to do a decent retrospective of his career and its impact on my life and direction as an actor at a later date. Ron Silver is probably known for better roles than the one that remains imprinted on my brain, but his role as the corupted senator in Time Cop was cinema gold to me. I think it was this role where I first learned that our elected officials could be the ultimate bad guys. That and that you can’t touch your duplicate self in the past or future without bubbling out of existance. Ron was 62 years old.

MacGyver Using a Gum Wrapper, Paperclip, and Penlight to Come to the Big Screen:

Sweet MacGyver Action Figure!

"Sweet" MacGyver Action Figure!

Others may question why, but I jump for joy. MacGyver is coming to the big screen. I would be happy if Richard Dean Anderson played old MacGyver teaching young MacGyver how to use random objects to complete super missions! Ok fine, recast it but it better be good or I’ll hold my breath until they let me make the movie.

Transformers 3 gets release date:

I LOVE the Transformers (and the girls who love them too)

I LOVE the Transformers (and the girls who love them too)

July 1, 2011. But don’t get your hopes up this will only happen if the next one does good. And we all know that’s not likely to happen… Ok, ok, I keed, I keed. You can bet on Revenge of the Fallen bringing in the bacon, though the actual release date may change.

Tin Tin:

Spielberg and Jackson’s Tin Tin Trilogy should be in principal photography by now. News is we’ll se 80 year-old Tin Tin instead of the young one. I’m guessing flashbacks or time jumping or magic to cross the ages. The first movie is being helmed by Spielberg, the second by Jackson, and the third will  be a dual money shot.

The Wild Things Are Coming:

New Poster

New Poster

This is the first poster for Where The Wild Things Are. And word is that the first trailer will play infront of Mosters vs. Aliens.

TOS Star Trek Writer Sues Paramont:

Give me my money bitchs!!!!

Give me my money bitch's!!!!

Harlen Ellison, who wrote mine and most everyone else’s favorite episode of Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever, is suing Paramount for not paying him the money he was owed for derivatives and use of his work. I’m with him, give the man his money. But the coolest thing about this story is his press release. This man pulls no punches and tells no lies:

Ellison says, ““And please make sure to remember, at the moment some Studio mouthpiece calls me a mooch, and says I’m only pursuing this legal retribution to get into their ‘deep pockets,’ tell’m Ellison snarled back, ‘F- – – -in’-A damn skippy!’ I’m no hypocrite. It ain’t about the ‘principle,’ friend, its about the MONEY! Pay Me! Am I doing this for other writers, for Mom (still dead), and apple pie? Hell no! I’m doing it for the 35-year-long disrespect and the money!”

And last but not least…

SyFy, Sy-Fucking-y!:

No Nerds Here!!!

No Nerds Here!!!

The Sci Fi Channel is pissing on their core audience, science fiction fans, by changing their name to SyFy. They are changing the name because they want to appeal to a more “mainstream” audience. They feel that Sci Fi is just too nerdy. Well gues what shit heads Sci Fi has invaded the mainstream. Most of the highest rated shows on tv and biggest box office movies in recent years have either been total sci fi or at least had sci fi elements. Fyck your SyFy.

Well that’s it for the recap. Thanks to Geeks of Doom for providing me with all this info. I may return to a few of these stories in the coming days or weeks, so keep an eye out.

Q&A: Ron Moore on ‘Battlestar’ series finale–The Live Feed

Q&A: Ron Moore on ‘Battlestar’ series finale–The Live Feed

The Hollywood Reporter has a good interview with Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ronald D. Moore. In the interview Ron discuses the series finally, his plans for the future and the new Star Trek movie.

When asked about the series finally Moore had this to say: “All of us who worked on the finale feel good about it, that this is the ending of the story we wanted to make.”

When asked about doing more Galactica stories his response was: “We did a standalone movie called “The Plan.” But there’s no plans to do anything else with the “Galactica” cast.”

Here’s his thoughts on the new Star Trek movie: “I’m very encouraged. I salute them for going back to the beginning and revitalizing it. I think that’s exactly what the franchise needed.”

To read the full interview click on the link above or here.

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Star Trek Online Pre-Orders

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

It looks like Star Trek Online will be coming around January 26, 2010. As reported by Gamestop has apperently begun taking pre-orders for the game. With a price tag of $49.99 the video game retailer is the first place to offer pre-orders. Trekmovie speculates whether or not this is an official pre-order sale or if Gamestop is simply jumping the gun in order to get a leg up on sales. All I know is I’m getting this game.

Star Trek Online will be the first Massivly Multiplayer Online Game to take place in the Star Trek Univers.