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Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

I got up Sunday morning had breakfast at about 1:20pm. Attempted to clean our room (Harmony and I share a room), which means I pushed everything into a big pile in the middle of the room. I came out of the room to check on Harmony, make sure her cousins weren’t torturing her, or her them, and Darth Mom tells the kids to get ready to go to the movies.

Room forgotten, I ran up to Darth Mom and asked (like the giddy almost-thirty-year-old-who-lives-with-his-parents that I am [sob]) if we can go to the comic book store too. I had a twenty burning a hole in my pocket! Also I still hadn’t gotten the 3rd Star Trek Countdown issue (and still haven’t, the valley sucks).

Me: “Oh, by the way Darth Mom, what are we gonna see?”

Darth Mom: “Monsters vs. Aliens”

Me, jumping and clapping for joy: “this is the best day ever!”

Comic shop:
Ender’s Game #1-4 almost got Chucky #1 but hey, twenty bucks remember?

Dairy Queen:
Marshmallow Shake! (Mmmmmm)


After getting my geek on and discovering a new comic shop (right next to the movie theater! Geekgasim!), I sat in the theater unloading many pounds of smuggled candy from my jacket pockets. The previews came on and I was pleasantly surprised with a good selection of trailers: where the Wild Things Are, Battle for Terra, A kick ass new Star Trek trailer, Disney’s Earth, and some others I’m sure but my geek mind only had enough juice for these.

The now for the review:

It kicked fucking ass!

It was a total geek flick. Lots of nods to Sci Fi flicks of old. The US Prez, played by Stephen Colbert, greets the alien “visitors” with a keyboard. He attempts to play that tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, failing that he goes with the next best thing, the theme from Beverly Hills Cop.

The film has lots of references that geeks will appreciate, from Stat Trek (“we have a code Nimoy!”) to Stephen Hawking (“By Hawking’s Chair!”).

The cast is filled with recognizable stars, Resse Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Kiefer Sutherland, the dude from House (Hugh Laurie), Seth Rogan, Rainn Wilson, and Will Arnett. The voice work is great all around with exceptional work done by Sutherland as the military general, Rogan as the blob Bob and Wilson as the evil alien Gallaxhar.

On a personal note I was totally stoked that a prominent location in the movie is Modesto California. I live not too far away from Modesto. In fact the town that I live in is so small that we spend most of our time in Modesto. The only complaint I have though is that they didn’t really make it look like Modesto. I guess that could be because they didn’t want to make it look leik the meth Capitol that it is. Not a good image for a kids movie. But they did get the feel and look of the outlands of the area and the hills on the horizon looked just like they do.  I see that stuff every time I go outside.

The action is good but the story not so muchbut that’s ok they do a good job with the characters.

I could go on and on about the cool stuff in this movie but instead I’ll just tell you to go see it for your self.

All Hail Gallaxhar!

p.s. I’d do Ginormica, how bout you?


New Star Trek Poster!!!

Yesterday I read some stuff about new international Star Trek posters. I think they looked cool. Today we get a supposed “official”  US release of the  first Star Trek poster! I haven’t been able to confirm that this is official, but it looks like it. Also, below it I put up the European posters as well. Tell me what you think in the comments section.

I like it! It says Star Trek, but it aslo says Bad Ass Mother Fucker’s! Looks like a movie the masses would see.

Looks cool. I like the Enterprise under construction and Kirk on the bike. Gives it the feel of a new beginning.

This ones one of my favorites, I think it’s from Italy. I like that its Earth bound and familiar. Also it has a disaster pic feel, which is sure to bring in an audience!

I like the abstraction of this one.

OK. Nothin’ too special.

Well I hope you like these. I’m hopeful that these will bring in a large audience because that’s what we need if Star Trek is going to get more movies or eventually a TV show. If this movie tanks I’m sure it will be the last we see of Star Trek for a long, long time. Fortunately I think it will kick ass and make a shit load of money!

Please leave your thoughts in the coment section.

Ron Howard to Bring H.P. Lovecraft to the Big Screen?

I just read on Geeks of Doom that Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment just bought the rights to the graphic novel, The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft, for a possible film directed by Ron Howard. If this happens I would be fucking stoked! H.P. Lovecraft stories were my favorite as a teenager and I even wrote some shitty lyrics for the heavy metal band I was in, based on some of his stories. My favorite song I wrote was Sick (Rats in the Walls). Also, Ron Howard is one of my favorite directors. He directed the greatest fantasy movie ever made, Willow! What you got a problem with Willow, say something, go for it!

I haven’t really heard about this comic before (I know, I know, what kind of Geek am I? That’s why this site is called QuasiGeek, you dipshit!), but it is supposed to be about Howard Phillips Lovecraft and his family. Lovecraft gets into some crazy shit apparently. I’ll let the synopsis from the comics web site explain it:

lovecraft title

Toiling away as a timid and eccentric writer of pulp horror stories, H.P. Lovecraft, is powerless in the world… in love with a girl who doesn’t love him back, mired in a profession that inspires no respect and frozen in the grip of a terrible writer’s block.  Until one day when everything changes.  Lovecraft comes in contact with an ancient book that passes onto him an insidious curse: whenever he sleeps, his darkest nightmares come true and are loosed on the world.  Suddenly, this shy and bumbling writer becomes both an unwitting god of destruction and the only man who can fight the wickedness he unleashes.  It’s a fantastical revision of the life and work of H.P. Lovecraft, a story in the mold of the classic Universal horror movies. A weird tale indeed.

Sounds awesome! Kind of reminds me of the movie version of William S. Burrough’s Naked Lunch. That movie rather than following that insainly unfilmable book, merged a story about Burrough’s life and him writing the book with some of the insanity of the book itself. This Lovcraft story sounds just as awesome.

The graphic novel is being published by Image Comics. Written by Mac Carver, Drawn by Tony Salmons, and Inked by Adam Byrne, Lovcraft comes to your local comic shop on Aprile 8th.

As far as the possible movie is concerned, Universal and Imagin only optioned the book, meaning they may make it or they might not, but they have the option to if they want. It’s also not known if this is even a project that Howard will do. I can’t wait to read the comic when it comes out, which I know will be good. If they do make a movie I hope Howard directs it. If he doesn’t then I hope he at least produces it and let’s me direct it!

You can check out more about the graphic novel here.

Talk About It!

I just wanted to let my readers know about an important new site by the actor who plays everyones favorite mind-reading-cop from Heroes, actor Greg Grunberg. Talk About it! is a site that just went up today and encourages people to make the promise to simply talk about epilepsy. The goal is to get people break down the barriers, to smash the stigmas and to enlighten people as to what epilepsy really is. The site aims to do this by growing a community of people who can express their thoughts and knowledge of epilepsy through stories, videos, songs, even poetry.

In a audio blog on the site (which I became a member of today) Greg stated that he firmly believes that a cure will be found, that his own son, Jake (who suffers from epilepsy) will not have to spend a majority of his life with epilepsy. And he’s right.

Epilepsy has touched many peoples lives, my self included. My nephews and nice, who are like my own children, lost their “other favorite uncle”, Jason, to epilepsy a few years ago. He was a great guy, someone I looked up to. He was one of the great geeks in the world. I strive to fulfill the geekdom gap that he left in my nephew’s and niece’s lives. He had a seizure in his sleep and died. I miss him and am upset that he is missing out on so many cool things, like the new Star Trek. I’m sure we would have been at the midnight showing together when it comes out. He would have loved Heroes, too.

Please check out the site, send a link to your friends, and join the conversation. Please, talk about it!

There are several links through out this article but if you cant find them then click here:

Wil Wheaton Secretary of Geek Affairs!!! held a competition in honor of our “first geek president” Barak Obama. The goal was to appoint a Secretary of Geek Affairs to the cabanit. What are the duties of this prestigious position you may ask? Well, I’ll let the good folks at Paul and Storm answer that:

Only time will tell. Maybe they’ll just be a figurehead, sent to represent the government at cons, beta releases, and gaming tournaments across the country. Or perhaps they’ll provide a larger vision for greater geekdom, encouraging and fostering the careers, hobbies, and memes that are the lifeblood of our nation.

But in general terms,

  1. Advise the POTUS on matters concerning, affecting, and/or of interest to geeks (as well as nerds and similar constituencies);
  2. Implement POTUS policies generated by first responsibility; and
  3. Act as liaison on POTUS’ behalf between the greater U.S. geek community and other national and international stakeholders.
  4. Not required to be a U.S. citizen, because we say so.

Sounds cool. And who is the person deemed most qualified? Wil Wheaton of course!

New SecGeek

He happens to be my Geek idol. I grew up wishing Wesley Crusher was my big brother. No offence to my real brother but Weasly was more of a geek like me.

I wonder if the new SecGeek needs any aids? Hey, Wil if you do you’ll let me know right?

Will Indie Films Go Digital?

The Hollywood Reporter has a good piece on the idea that digital distribution is the future of Indie film.  It’s getting harder and harder for independent film makers to find distribution for their films. Movies that go to film festivals aren’t getting distribution deals like they used to. According to the article, in the last two years only a few films per festival come away with a distribution deal.

This is not encouraging news for film makers such as my self. Film fests are what I think of when I’m working on a film. Until now I figured the only way I would ever get a distribution deal for my films is at a film fest. But there is hope: Digital distribution.

Though at the moment the profit from digi distribution is much less then DVD’s, there is much to look forward to in my opinion. For someone like me, who isn’t at a point in his career to even hope to get that first big break, the digi option is a way to give myself that break. Through digi distribution I control who sees my movie, how my movie is promoted, and how much money I make for my movie. With streaming video on platforms such as Netflix, XBox 360, Playstation 3, Apple TV, I believe that digital distribution is the future for independent film and the future a fairly “new” concept: independent television (web serials).

I can get into this so much deeper but I’ll stop here and save the rest for another day. Check out THR’s article here.


Due to a wee bit of the old drinkn’ that I indulged in at an early St. Patty’s Day party at the local pub I haven’t posted any geek news for a while. Hey when I do it up I REALLY do it up. Also I’ve been working on editing two short films for the last few days on top of dealing with my post-drinking shame and depression which you can find out all about in a piece I’ll be writing on my other blog, Brain Vomit Daily. Since I don’t want to loose my non-existent readers I decided to do a recap of all the news that I have been wanting to write about but hadn’t gotten around to doing. Here follows a rapid fire recap of the latest geek news:

Hitchhiking the Galaxy Again:

Eoin Colfer, author of the Artimus Fowl novels, is set to pen the latest sequel to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

First Images of The Goon:

The Goon

The Goon

Don’t know much about this comic but it sounds cool; A zombie gang led by a zombie preacher! I’m in, and David Fincher is producing! Suuweeet!

Ron Silver Passes Away:

Though the man probably deserves a much better notice of his passing than what I have here, let me just say I’ll try to do a decent retrospective of his career and its impact on my life and direction as an actor at a later date. Ron Silver is probably known for better roles than the one that remains imprinted on my brain, but his role as the corupted senator in Time Cop was cinema gold to me. I think it was this role where I first learned that our elected officials could be the ultimate bad guys. That and that you can’t touch your duplicate self in the past or future without bubbling out of existance. Ron was 62 years old.

MacGyver Using a Gum Wrapper, Paperclip, and Penlight to Come to the Big Screen:

Sweet MacGyver Action Figure!

"Sweet" MacGyver Action Figure!

Others may question why, but I jump for joy. MacGyver is coming to the big screen. I would be happy if Richard Dean Anderson played old MacGyver teaching young MacGyver how to use random objects to complete super missions! Ok fine, recast it but it better be good or I’ll hold my breath until they let me make the movie.

Transformers 3 gets release date:

I LOVE the Transformers (and the girls who love them too)

I LOVE the Transformers (and the girls who love them too)

July 1, 2011. But don’t get your hopes up this will only happen if the next one does good. And we all know that’s not likely to happen… Ok, ok, I keed, I keed. You can bet on Revenge of the Fallen bringing in the bacon, though the actual release date may change.

Tin Tin:

Spielberg and Jackson’s Tin Tin Trilogy should be in principal photography by now. News is we’ll se 80 year-old Tin Tin instead of the young one. I’m guessing flashbacks or time jumping or magic to cross the ages. The first movie is being helmed by Spielberg, the second by Jackson, and the third will  be a dual money shot.

The Wild Things Are Coming:

New Poster

New Poster

This is the first poster for Where The Wild Things Are. And word is that the first trailer will play infront of Mosters vs. Aliens.

TOS Star Trek Writer Sues Paramont:

Give me my money bitchs!!!!

Give me my money bitch's!!!!

Harlen Ellison, who wrote mine and most everyone else’s favorite episode of Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever, is suing Paramount for not paying him the money he was owed for derivatives and use of his work. I’m with him, give the man his money. But the coolest thing about this story is his press release. This man pulls no punches and tells no lies:

Ellison says, ““And please make sure to remember, at the moment some Studio mouthpiece calls me a mooch, and says I’m only pursuing this legal retribution to get into their ‘deep pockets,’ tell’m Ellison snarled back, ‘F- – – -in’-A damn skippy!’ I’m no hypocrite. It ain’t about the ‘principle,’ friend, its about the MONEY! Pay Me! Am I doing this for other writers, for Mom (still dead), and apple pie? Hell no! I’m doing it for the 35-year-long disrespect and the money!”

And last but not least…

SyFy, Sy-Fucking-y!:

No Nerds Here!!!

No Nerds Here!!!

The Sci Fi Channel is pissing on their core audience, science fiction fans, by changing their name to SyFy. They are changing the name because they want to appeal to a more “mainstream” audience. They feel that Sci Fi is just too nerdy. Well gues what shit heads Sci Fi has invaded the mainstream. Most of the highest rated shows on tv and biggest box office movies in recent years have either been total sci fi or at least had sci fi elements. Fyck your SyFy.

Well that’s it for the recap. Thanks to Geeks of Doom for providing me with all this info. I may return to a few of these stories in the coming days or weeks, so keep an eye out.