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This Guy Loves Battlestar Galactica; And So Do I!!

I saw this on a few sites today. I love this! It’ll get stuck in your head. I think I need to collaborate with this guy!


New Star Trek Poster!!!

Yesterday I read some stuff about new international Star Trek posters. I think they looked cool. Today we get a supposed “official”  US release of the  first Star Trek poster! I haven’t been able to confirm that this is official, but it looks like it. Also, below it I put up the European posters as well. Tell me what you think in the comments section.

I like it! It says Star Trek, but it aslo says Bad Ass Mother Fucker’s! Looks like a movie the masses would see.

Looks cool. I like the Enterprise under construction and Kirk on the bike. Gives it the feel of a new beginning.

This ones one of my favorites, I think it’s from Italy. I like that its Earth bound and familiar. Also it has a disaster pic feel, which is sure to bring in an audience!

I like the abstraction of this one.

OK. Nothin’ too special.

Well I hope you like these. I’m hopeful that these will bring in a large audience because that’s what we need if Star Trek is going to get more movies or eventually a TV show. If this movie tanks I’m sure it will be the last we see of Star Trek for a long, long time. Fortunately I think it will kick ass and make a shit load of money!

Please leave your thoughts in the coment section.

Wil Wheaton Secretary of Geek Affairs!!! held a competition in honor of our “first geek president” Barak Obama. The goal was to appoint a Secretary of Geek Affairs to the cabanit. What are the duties of this prestigious position you may ask? Well, I’ll let the good folks at Paul and Storm answer that:

Only time will tell. Maybe they’ll just be a figurehead, sent to represent the government at cons, beta releases, and gaming tournaments across the country. Or perhaps they’ll provide a larger vision for greater geekdom, encouraging and fostering the careers, hobbies, and memes that are the lifeblood of our nation.

But in general terms,

  1. Advise the POTUS on matters concerning, affecting, and/or of interest to geeks (as well as nerds and similar constituencies);
  2. Implement POTUS policies generated by first responsibility; and
  3. Act as liaison on POTUS’ behalf between the greater U.S. geek community and other national and international stakeholders.
  4. Not required to be a U.S. citizen, because we say so.

Sounds cool. And who is the person deemed most qualified? Wil Wheaton of course!

New SecGeek

He happens to be my Geek idol. I grew up wishing Wesley Crusher was my big brother. No offence to my real brother but Weasly was more of a geek like me.

I wonder if the new SecGeek needs any aids? Hey, Wil if you do you’ll let me know right?