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Geek Thoughts: The Connor Paradox

For my first installment of Geek Thoughts I think it’s appropriate, in light of the resent release of Terminator Salvation, to focus my thoughts on The Terminator franchise. But first, what is Geek Thoughts you ask? Well we all know that us geeks are constantly thinking of possibilities. We’re geeks becausewe think about shit. We have theories about our favorite shows. We wonder if it’s possible to construct a warp drive for our Honda’s. We have our own theories about time travel. With Geek Thoughts I’ll be inflicting my theories on you. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

The Connor Paradox

In the future machines have laid waste to the human waste. But we fought back. One man became the hope and the spearhead for the human Resistance. John Connor.

When the machines discover the secret to time travel and send back a Terminator to kill the mother of John Connor before she can give birth to the savior of the human race. The resistance also finds the technology for time travel. Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to save his mother.

Kyle saves Sarah Connor and injects her with his “Savior Seed” conceiving John Connor and creating a Grandfather Paradox, or in this case The Connor Paradox. John Connor in the future sends Kyle Reese (who is younger than Connor) back in time. Kyle Reese sleeps with John Connor’s mother, conceives John Connor, and dies. Sarah Connor raises John to be a soldier. He saves the human race and then sends his young friend Kyle Reese back in time to save his mother and become his father. John Connor created himself.

How did it all begin? It had to have a beginning some where, sometime. There had to be a first time. My theory is this: In the future a man named John Connor (we’ll call him Connor Prime), Connor Prime discovers a plot by the machines to kill his mother in the past. Connor sends his trusted friend Kyle back in time to save his mother. Kyle having heard losts of stories about Sarah Connor from John, falls in love with her. They have sex and she gets pregnant. The baby happens to be a boy. She decides to name that baby John because Kyle told her that was the name of her son (we’ll call this John, John Beta).

Sarah with knowledge from the future raises John Beta as a soldier. John Beta has all this knowledge that John Prime doesn’t have. He knows he has to save his mother in the past. He knows he has to send Kyle back in time to become his father.

Why do I use John Prime and John Beta? John Prime knew nothing about his father. My theory is that John Prime’s father was NOT Kyle Reese. Who his father was? I don’t know.

When John Prime sends Kyle back in time and Kyle gets it on with John Prime’s mom he in effect kills his friend John Prime. Kyle conceives a son with Sarah, thus preventing Sarah from meeting or conceiving John Prime with who ever John Prime’s father was going to be, creating a new timeline where John Prime never existed but John Beta does.

Got all that?

John Prime came first-sends back Kyle-Kyle boinks Sarah/kills John Prime-John Beta is born-Sends Kyle back in time to boink his mom.

If this all doesn’t make sense then just remember this: If your involved with time travel and your name is John Connor you may be killing yourself and replacing yourself with someone else. But If your involved with time travel and your name is Kyle Reese your gonna boink your Buddie’s mom!


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