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Review: Terminator Salvation

I remember watching the first Terminator as a kid on an old VHS cassette recorded from HBO. My most vivid memories are of the final battle in the factory, the Govinator’s balls, and Linda Hamilton’s tits (hey I was a little kid when I saw this shit, it warped my mind)! So naturally I’m a huge fan.

When T2 came out my brother teased me to no end for looking just like Edward Furlong. I wanted to learn how to hack into the local ATM with a laptop. I was thankful for no balls but pissed for no tits. In the end I was sad that the machine had to die.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. I liked John Connor ending up in the bunker at the end.

Now comes Terminator Salvation. The rumors, the leaks, the bad reviews. I wish I hadn’t read anything about this movie before seeing it. I had a hard time getting into the movie, not because of any problem with the movie but because I kept looking for all the shit that they were complaining about. Yes the movie isn’t perfect. Yes it does seem a bit rushed. But I get the feeling that McG wasn’t allowed to do the film he wanted to do. As a screenwriter myself I can see where other writers put their mark on the original scriptwriters work in order to give John Connor a bigger part and to rework things for whatever reason.  But dammed it, we get to see the war! That’s the shit we’ve been wanting to see since Arnold’s nuts first hit the silver screen!

And the best part, for me at least, is that all the different time incursions in the other movies have an effect on the future. “The future is not what my mother told me it would be.” Time travel has been something that has fascinated me more than any other sci-fi/scientific area. Terminator was always one of my favorite scifi franchises because of it’s time travel conundrums. One of the few complaints I have about Salvation is that it doesn’t get into this aspect really at all.

One thing I really liked is the introduction of Kyle Reese as a young man. First off we got Chekhov playing the father of the future. I like how we see the seeds of what he’ll become in his journey with Marcus. And speaking of Marcus, I really liked his addition to the mythology but I think they missed some opportunities with this character and what he could have brought to the mythos. Yet another area I think McG was castrated.

All in all thought Terminator Salvation was a great ride. I recommend it to everyone. It is a good introduction to a whole new story of the future. And I think that’s the great thing about this movie: it sets the stage for a new set of movies about the war against the machines.

Oh, and we get to see how John Connor gets that nasty scare that we see him with in the first movie.


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