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Review: Monsters vs. Aliens

I got up Sunday morning had breakfast at about 1:20pm. Attempted to clean our room (Harmony and I share a room), which means I pushed everything into a big pile in the middle of the room. I came out of the room to check on Harmony, make sure her cousins weren’t torturing her, or her them, and Darth Mom tells the kids to get ready to go to the movies.

Room forgotten, I ran up to Darth Mom and asked (like the giddy almost-thirty-year-old-who-lives-with-his-parents that I am [sob]) if we can go to the comic book store too. I had a twenty burning a hole in my pocket! Also I still hadn’t gotten the 3rd Star Trek Countdown issue (and still haven’t, the valley sucks).

Me: “Oh, by the way Darth Mom, what are we gonna see?”

Darth Mom: “Monsters vs. Aliens”

Me, jumping and clapping for joy: “this is the best day ever!”

Comic shop:
Ender’s Game #1-4 almost got Chucky #1 but hey, twenty bucks remember?

Dairy Queen:
Marshmallow Shake! (Mmmmmm)


After getting my geek on and discovering a new comic shop (right next to the movie theater! Geekgasim!), I sat in the theater unloading many pounds of smuggled candy from my jacket pockets. The previews came on and I was pleasantly surprised with a good selection of trailers: where the Wild Things Are, Battle for Terra, A kick ass new Star Trek trailer, Disney’s Earth, and some others I’m sure but my geek mind only had enough juice for these.

The now for the review:

It kicked fucking ass!

It was a total geek flick. Lots of nods to Sci Fi flicks of old. The US Prez, played by Stephen Colbert, greets the alien “visitors” with a keyboard. He attempts to play that tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, failing that he goes with the next best thing, the theme from Beverly Hills Cop.

The film has lots of references that geeks will appreciate, from Stat Trek (“we have a code Nimoy!”) to Stephen Hawking (“By Hawking’s Chair!”).

The cast is filled with recognizable stars, Resse Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Kiefer Sutherland, the dude from House (Hugh Laurie), Seth Rogan, Rainn Wilson, and Will Arnett. The voice work is great all around with exceptional work done by Sutherland as the military general, Rogan as the blob Bob and Wilson as the evil alien Gallaxhar.

On a personal note I was totally stoked that a prominent location in the movie is Modesto California. I live not too far away from Modesto. In fact the town that I live in is so small that we spend most of our time in Modesto. The only complaint I have though is that they didn’t really make it look like Modesto. I guess that could be because they didn’t want to make it look leik the meth Capitol that it is. Not a good image for a kids movie. But they did get the feel and look of the outlands of the area and the hills on the horizon looked just like they do.  I see that stuff every time I go outside.

The action is good but the story not so muchbut that’s ok they do a good job with the characters.

I could go on and on about the cool stuff in this movie but instead I’ll just tell you to go see it for your self.

All Hail Gallaxhar!

p.s. I’d do Ginormica, how bout you?


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