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Will Indie Films Go Digital?

The Hollywood Reporter has a good piece on the idea that digital distribution is the future of Indie film.  It’s getting harder and harder for independent film makers to find distribution for their films. Movies that go to film festivals aren’t getting distribution deals like they used to. According to the article, in the last two years only a few films per festival come away with a distribution deal.

This is not encouraging news for film makers such as my self. Film fests are what I think of when I’m working on a film. Until now I figured the only way I would ever get a distribution deal for my films is at a film fest. But there is hope: Digital distribution.

Though at the moment the profit from digi distribution is much less then DVD’s, there is much to look forward to in my opinion. For someone like me, who isn’t at a point in his career to even hope to get that first big break, the digi option is a way to give myself that break. Through digi distribution I control who sees my movie, how my movie is promoted, and how much money I make for my movie. With streaming video on platforms such as Netflix, XBox 360, Playstation 3, Apple TV, I believe that digital distribution is the future for independent film and the future a fairly “new” concept: independent television (web serials).

I can get into this so much deeper but I’ll stop here and save the rest for another day. Check out THR’s article here.


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