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Due to a wee bit of the old drinkn’ that I indulged in at an early St. Patty’s Day party at the local pub I haven’t posted any geek news for a while. Hey when I do it up I REALLY do it up. Also I’ve been working on editing two short films for the last few days on top of dealing with my post-drinking shame and depression which you can find out all about in a piece I’ll be writing on my other blog, Brain Vomit Daily. Since I don’t want to loose my non-existent readers I decided to do a recap of all the news that I have been wanting to write about but hadn’t gotten around to doing. Here follows a rapid fire recap of the latest geek news:

Hitchhiking the Galaxy Again:

Eoin Colfer, author of the Artimus Fowl novels, is set to pen the latest sequel to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

First Images of The Goon:

The Goon

The Goon

Don’t know much about this comic but it sounds cool; A zombie gang led by a zombie preacher! I’m in, and David Fincher is producing! Suuweeet!

Ron Silver Passes Away:

Though the man probably deserves a much better notice of his passing than what I have here, let me just say I’ll try to do a decent retrospective of his career and its impact on my life and direction as an actor at a later date. Ron Silver is probably known for better roles than the one that remains imprinted on my brain, but his role as the corupted senator in Time Cop was cinema gold to me. I think it was this role where I first learned that our elected officials could be the ultimate bad guys. That and that you can’t touch your duplicate self in the past or future without bubbling out of existance. Ron was 62 years old.

MacGyver Using a Gum Wrapper, Paperclip, and Penlight to Come to the Big Screen:

Sweet MacGyver Action Figure!

"Sweet" MacGyver Action Figure!

Others may question why, but I jump for joy. MacGyver is coming to the big screen. I would be happy if Richard Dean Anderson played old MacGyver teaching young MacGyver how to use random objects to complete super missions! Ok fine, recast it but it better be good or I’ll hold my breath until they let me make the movie.

Transformers 3 gets release date:

I LOVE the Transformers (and the girls who love them too)

I LOVE the Transformers (and the girls who love them too)

July 1, 2011. But don’t get your hopes up this will only happen if the next one does good. And we all know that’s not likely to happen… Ok, ok, I keed, I keed. You can bet on Revenge of the Fallen bringing in the bacon, though the actual release date may change.

Tin Tin:

Spielberg and Jackson’s Tin Tin Trilogy should be in principal photography by now. News is we’ll se 80 year-old Tin Tin instead of the young one. I’m guessing flashbacks or time jumping or magic to cross the ages. The first movie is being helmed by Spielberg, the second by Jackson, and the third will  be a dual money shot.

The Wild Things Are Coming:

New Poster

New Poster

This is the first poster for Where The Wild Things Are. And word is that the first trailer will play infront of Mosters vs. Aliens.

TOS Star Trek Writer Sues Paramont:

Give me my money bitchs!!!!

Give me my money bitch's!!!!

Harlen Ellison, who wrote mine and most everyone else’s favorite episode of Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever, is suing Paramount for not paying him the money he was owed for derivatives and use of his work. I’m with him, give the man his money. But the coolest thing about this story is his press release. This man pulls no punches and tells no lies:

Ellison says, ““And please make sure to remember, at the moment some Studio mouthpiece calls me a mooch, and says I’m only pursuing this legal retribution to get into their ‘deep pockets,’ tell’m Ellison snarled back, ‘F- – – -in’-A damn skippy!’ I’m no hypocrite. It ain’t about the ‘principle,’ friend, its about the MONEY! Pay Me! Am I doing this for other writers, for Mom (still dead), and apple pie? Hell no! I’m doing it for the 35-year-long disrespect and the money!”

And last but not least…

SyFy, Sy-Fucking-y!:

No Nerds Here!!!

No Nerds Here!!!

The Sci Fi Channel is pissing on their core audience, science fiction fans, by changing their name to SyFy. They are changing the name because they want to appeal to a more “mainstream” audience. They feel that Sci Fi is just too nerdy. Well gues what shit heads Sci Fi has invaded the mainstream. Most of the highest rated shows on tv and biggest box office movies in recent years have either been total sci fi or at least had sci fi elements. Fyck your SyFy.

Well that’s it for the recap. Thanks to Geeks of Doom for providing me with all this info. I may return to a few of these stories in the coming days or weeks, so keep an eye out.


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