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Gettn’ Lost

Just got done watching tonights episode of Lost and as usual it was good. It was definatly a Sawyer episode. We get to see what happens to our favorite time travelers during the three years the 6 were off the island growing beards and going crazy.

The episode jumps back and forth between "Three Years Later" and "Three Years Earlier" which I think is fun. I like how the show is taking the flash back aspect that was so prevelent in the first few seasons and messing with it as they see fit.

This seems like a great show to write for. I'm disapointed that the show is ending after next season because I have been telling everyone in my family (the whole family sits and watches the show three generations worth of us; it takes the place of family dinners at the table) that as soon as I make it I'm going to write for this show. I better get working because times running out.


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